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Canada Student Visa from Nigeria 2024

How Can I Apply?

Canada students visa from Nigeria: One of the dreams of every Nigerian student is to study in Canada. Research has it that many international students in Canada are Nigerian citizens. They prefer studying in Canada because of the numerous advantages they can obtain. Those benefits include outstanding educational institutions, numerous job opportunities, a standard learning environment, recognized certificates, and many other beneficial reasons.

However, after getting admission, every student would like to know how to apply for a Canada student visa from Nigeria. However, How to Apply for Canada Student Visa from Nigeria can be simple, affordable, and easy through this article. Therefore, following a few crucial procedures in the Canada visa application process is the best approach to successful application.

Every year, Canada welcomes Nigerian students and provides them with financial aid, thereby making them derive joy in enrolling in its prestigious educational system. Moreover, there are prerequisites you need to fulfill to obtain a Canada visa from Nigeria. You must verify your eligibility, pay the required fees, submit your application accurately, and complete any additional financial obligations. 

To know more about the successful application for a Canada student visa from Nigeria, stay glued to this article as we provide the information needed. 

What is a Canada Student Visa? 

A Canada student visa (officially known as a Study Permit) is known as one of the visitor’s permits that allows non-indigenous students to live and study comfortably in Canada. It is a document issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that allows international students to stay and study at designated learning institutions (DLI) in Canada throughout their academic program. With this visa,  you are allowed to work after graduation. 

In simple terms, a Canada student visa is a paper that permits a Nigerian student to live, study, and work in Canada after being admitted. To be eligible for this study permit, you must meet the Canada study permit funds requirement, submit all necessary study permit Canada documents, pass a student visa interview in Canada (optional), and many others. 

Types of Canada Student Visa

Now, you know what a Canada student visa entails. Let’s get to know the different types to avoid the wrong application.

They are as follows: 

  1. Study Permit
  2. Short-term Study Visa
  3. Post-Graduation Work Permit

Study Permit

This is the type of Canada student visa for students pursuing a full-time academic program in Canada. With this study permit,  you are granted full access to Canadian education. This study permit is valid throughout your education and work in Canada for 90 days.     

Short-term Study Visa

Are you seeking a short-term course? The short-term study visa is the type of visa you should apply for. This type of student visa is issued to students enrolled in short courses, language programs, or training. The validity period is six months or less,  depending on your program. 

Post-Graduation Work Permit

This is the last type of student visa on our list. Post-graduation work permit is given to those who have finalized their study programs in Canada and prefer working over. 

The Basic Documents Required for Canada Student Visa

To successfully apply for a student visa to Canada,  you must prepare your documents for submission. Below are the following documents you should keep before applying for a Canada Student visa. 

  • Evidence of  Acceptance
  • Provincial Attestation Letter
  • Confirmation of Financial Support
  • Explanation Letter
  • Proof of Identity
  • Medical Report

Evidence of Acceptance

One of the basic requirements for a Canada student visa is evidence of acceptance. Ensure you obtain an official acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada. This document must be issued on the institution’s letterhead and carefully state the name of the academic program, the duration of the study, and the start date.

Provincial Attestation Letter

Another essential requirement is the provincial attestation letter. The provinces or territories may require an additional attestation letter confirming your acceptance and enrollment in an educational program within that region. This serves as an extra layer of verification from the local educational authorities.

Confirmation of Financial Support

You want to apply for a Canada student visa. Do you have comprehensive evidence of sufficient funds?  It must cover tuition fees, living expenses for yourself and any accompanying family members, and return transportation. This can be demonstrated through various means such as bank statements, proof of a Canadian bank account in your name with transferred funds, etc. 

Explanation Letter

In this letter,  you write your statement to articulate your reasons for studying in Canada, your understanding of the responsibilities as an international student, and how this academic journey fits into your broader career and life goals. It adds context to your application and allows the visa officer to assess your intentions.

Evidence of Identity

A valid passport or travel document serves as evidence of identity. It ensures you can legally return to your country of origin after studying. This is crucial for identity verification and to facilitate international travel. 

Medical  Report

Applicants from certain countries or who have resided in specific regions must undergo some medical examination by a panel physician approved by Canadian immigration authorities. This ensures public health and safety by screening for infectious diseases from the report. 

Custodian Declaration (for Minors)

If you are under the age of majority in your province or territory of study, and you’re coming to Canada without a parent or legal guardian, you must have a custodian in Canada. A custodian declaration is a legally notarized document that confirms a responsible adult in Canada is assigned to take care of you.

How to Apply for Canada Student Visa from Nigeria

Do you want to apply for a Canada student visa? Check the following guidelines.

  • Select your school and program in Canada.
  • Get your letter of acceptance. 
  • Gather supporting documents such as transcripts, passports, proof of health, insurance, etc.
  • Take an IELTS exam and achieve the required score to prove your English abilities. 
  • Submit your complete visa application online through the Canadian government website.
  • Pay close attention to correctly filling out all forms.
  • Attend your visa interview at the Canadian Visa Application Centre in Lagos or Abuja. 
  • Await the processing of your Canadian study permit – it could take 6-12 weeks. Check online for updates.
  • Pay the visa issuance fee and provide biometrics. Then, you will be issued your study permit.


How to Apply for a Canada Student Visa from Nigeria could be challenging and time-consuming. Thankfully, this article has simplified the whole process.

Before you apply for the student visa, ensure you check your eligibility criteria, and the necessary documents and also apply early.

I wish you good luck.

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