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South Africa E visa for Nigeria 2024: The Perfect Guidelines

Are you a Nigerian dreaming of visiting South Africa, and you are tired of the complex processes involved in applying for a normal visa? Don’t worry; South Africa E visa for Nigeria is available.

Your trip can undoubtedly be aborted due to the tiring bureaucratic procedures and cost of the normal visa process. To ease the process, South Africa has launched an electronic visa.

South Africa E visa for Nigeria

However, South Africa is one of the countries known for the Cape of Good Hope, its great natural beauty, and its favored destination, among many other benefits. You wouldn’t like to cancel your trip to the country due to an uncontrollable delay of your normal visa. After all, some Nigerians live, work, or school over there.

Thankfully, South Africa has officially launched the electronic visa for Nigerian citizens and a few other eligible countries since November 2019. Therefore, to travel to the country as a Nigerian, you must obtain a South Africa E visa for Nigeria before you board a flight. 

This article will provide a comprehensive guide on how to apply for a South Africa E Visa in Nigeria. This includes the correct methods, detailed application process, costs, payment options, and other vital details you should know. 

So whether you’re planning a vacation, a business trip, or studies, read on for everything you need to know about getting an E visa to South Africa in Nigeria. Join us as we explain more. 

Is South Africa E visa for Nigeria easy to Get?

Yes. Nigeria nationals can apply for the South African eVisa. The new electronic application system is the most convenient and simplified way to obtain a South African visa from the E visa portal. 

If you meet the requirements and submit all the necessary papers, getting a South Africa visa can be a simple process. However, several variables, including the particular visa category, your situation, and the thoroughness of your application, may affect how simple it is to receive a visa. 

It’s crucial to carefully read the application instructions, send in all necessary paperwork, and provide evidence that you meet the requirements for the visa you’re requesting. The number of visa applications submitted or modifications to immigration laws may also affect the procedure. 

It is recommended to examine the requirements properly, get expert help if necessary, and make sure you have all the necessary supporting documentation to enhance your chances of submitting an application that is accepted.

What is South Africa E-visa For Nigeria? 

South Africa E-visa, rolled out in 2019, is an authorized electronic visa issued to Nigerian citizens and a few other countries to offer prior authorization to enter the country. It is also called the South Africa Tourist Visa. It allows International travelers to apply online and curb delay, insecurity, and denied access to e-visa, which can easily abort your trip. 

 What is South Africa E-visa For Nigeria?

The introduction of an electronic visa application process has simplified the process for foreign visitors and tourists to get an entry permit to the country without visiting the South African embassy. You can now purchase your visa on the Internet. Therefore, you can apply from any province at any time. 

As a Nigerian citizen, you can enter South Africa for short-term excursions without a visa from an embassy or consulate. Before their tourism or business visit to South Africa, you can effortlessly receive an eVisa via an online application portal.

Applying for a normal visa for short-term travel could be frustrating and time-consuming. Imagine visiting an embassy when you are already late for the trip. Instead, you can register for the e-visa on any internet-enabled computer at your convenience within a few minutes, regardless of length of stay and purpose. 

The Benefits for South Africa E Visa for Nigeria

When traveling to a South Visa country, an e-visa is advantageous. 

  • Ultimate Convenience 
  • Time-friendly 
  • Affordability 
  • Accessibility 
  • Flexible
  1. Ultimate Convenience

The South Africa e-visa process is very convenient. You can apply online as far as there is an internet connection.  You complete the application and receive your visa online. Every busy traveler who doesn’t have the time to visit embassies or consulates can easily apply. 

2. Time-friendly

Getting a normal visa can be time-consuming. Traditional visas often take weeks or even months to process. E-visas, on the other hand, offer a speedy solution. You’ll get your visa in a fraction of the time, allowing you to plan your trip less uncertainly.

3. Affordability

Who doesn’t appreciate saving some money? E-visas usually come with lower processing fees compared to the normal visa. You might spend all the money for your trip on a visa application and many more. But, E-visas fees are cheap, making international travel more budget-friendly.

4. Accessibility

South Africa E-visa is open to many, allowing citizens of various countries to apply for them. This makes international travel accessible to a broader audience. This inclusivity helps foster cross-cultural connections and boosts tourism.

5. Flexibility 

Some South Visa e-visas allow travelers to make multiple entries during a specific period. This flexibility of e-visa permits those who plan to visit a South Visa country multiple times within the visa’s validity—no need to reapply repeatedly.

How to Apply for South Africa E Visa For Nigeria 

Applying for the South Africa E visa can be frustrating. Sometimes, you are ignorant of what to do. To simplify the process, below are seven (7) precept guides for your e-visa application. 

  • Login to the Portal 
  • Create your E-visa Account 
  • Select your Purpose of Visit
  • Fill in the Application Form 
  • Upload Necessary Documents 
  • Pay for your E-visa 
  • Print your visa. 

Login to the Portal

The first thing to do during your E-visa application is to log in to the South Africa portal at the Department of Home Affairs website. In the portal, create your profile first, submit your online form, upload documentation, and confirm a secure fee. By this time, you can now have access to proceed to the next level. 

 Create your account

After logging in to your portal, you must create your account with your legal name. Submit your passport-sized photos, passport expiry date, valid email address, and strong password for security purposes. After creating your account, you will receive a verification email which you can activate your account with. 

Select your Purpose of Visit

Every Nigerian traveling to South Africa is either going to live, study or work. So, make sure you choose it. Remember, there are many types of visas with different purposes. So, selecting your purpose will help them know the visa you want. It could be a student visa, business visa, or spouse visa, among many others. 

Fill in the Application Form 

Now, you have selected your purpose of visit. The next thing is to fill out the application form with the necessary information, such as name, surname, passport-type, occupation, date of birth, and contact information. Complete the application form with your valid details. Also, provide your physical address and the contact number of someone in Nigeria. Next, fill in the financial and health declaration.

Upload Travel Documents 

Filling out your application form without uploading your travel documents will make the process incomplete. So, you must upload all the appropriate travel documents, such as a copy of your passport, a passport-size photo, and many other things they might ask for.

Pay for your E-visa 

Paying for your e-visa fees is the next step to accomplish. They’ll tell you the amount you need to pay after your application process. But, again, you can pay securely online with your debit or credit card.

Print your E-Visa

You’ve completed your visa application process. Congratulations. They will inform you through email if they accept your e-visa application. Once you receive the electronic visa, please print it from any cyber cafe or computer shop and present it to the Immigration Officer at your port of entry. 

Takeaway: They will confirm the validity period of the South Africa eVisa once approved, plus the date you must arrive in South Africa.

After approval, they will link the eVisa automatically to the applicant’s passport, which you must present when you arrive in South Africa. You can click here to apply for the electronic visa yourself. 

South Africa E Visa Requirements for Nigeria 

According to the visa policy of South Africa, the following are the South Africa E Visa requirements for Nigeria. 

How to Apply for South Africa E Visa For Nigeria 

  • Nigerian passport-sized passport: This passport must be the current one to avoid numerous questions. The passport must be valid for at least six months from the intended date of arrival
  • A valid Email address: When applying for a South Africa E-visa, it’s necessary to use a working and accessible email address. You will get your verification and confirmation message via email. So, if the email is not yours, you won’t get the message. 
  • A Debit or credit card: This is the card you use for paying your E visa processing fee. 

Below are the additional requirements for a South Africa E Visa for Nigeria, especially for travelers. 

  • Evidence of abundant funds to cover expenses during the visit. 
  • Confirmation of a return or frontward travel ticket. 

Documents Required for South African E-visa for Nigeria

  1. 3-month bank statement: This three-month bank statement is included in the documents you must provide for the South Africa E visa. You must stamp all pages of the statement. If someone is sponsoring you, try to include their bank statement. 
  2. Introduction letter: This is where your position in the company, your yearly salary, and your purpose of the visit are mentioned. If you are being sponsored, you must mention the company responsible for the trip. Confirm that your letter is approved before leaving. Remember to draft a self-introductory letter. 
  3. International Passport: Every Nigerian traveling to South Africa must provide a valid passport he will travel with. It must be credible for six months starting from your departure date from South Africa.
  4. Yellow fever vaccination Card: The yellow fever certificate is for those who have passed through the yellow fever belt of Africa or South America on the way to South Africa.

Countries Eligible for South Africa E Visa 

Not all countries are eligible for the South Africa E Visa. Currently, the Department of Home Affairs has increased the number of countries, approximately 14 countries, that are permitted for tourism and business activities. 

  • Albania 
  • Algeria 
  • Belarus 
  • Bulgaria 
  • Comoros 
  • Republic of Congo 
  • Côte d’Ivoire 
  • Croatia 
  • Cuba 
  • Ghana 
  • Guinea 
  • Indonesia 
  • Liberia 
  • Lithuania 
  • Mali 
  • Morocco 
  • Niger 
  • Romania 
  • Senegal and Slovakia

Generally, the following are the permitted countries to apply for South Africa E Visa. 

  • Cameroon 
  • Congo 
  • Egypt 
  • Ethiopia 
  • India 
  • Iran 
  • Kenya 
  • México 
  • Nigeria 
  • Pakistan 
  • China 
  • Philippines 
  • Saudi Arabia 
  • Uganda 

Anyone in these countries can apply for a visa, including children. 

Important Tips about South Africa E-Visa

  • The South African E-Visa pre-approved is only good for the arrival date stipulated on the application.
  • Your visit must be a quick trip or stay in South Africa.
  • To apply, you must possess a Nigerian passport.
  • Your passport must have at least one page accessible for a visa stamp. Your passport must be valid for at least 30 days after arrival.
  • Please ensure you have a ticket for the return flight that is good for your entire stay.
  • Your South African lodging address ought to be authentic.
  • Minors must apply for an E-visa; while applying, please ensure that the necessary paperwork is on hand.
  • The airport officials will verify your eligibility to enter their nation at the airport. Recognize the paperwork you need to bring and try to keep everything clear. 
  • Important things to have are a hotel, a vaccination card, and a Covid 19 test.
  • You must have the same valid passport that you used to apply for the E-Visa.
  • Your authorized E-Visa code for South Africa. Enter the designated South African E-Visa lane and go to the immigration area as soon as you arrive at the airport in South Africa.
  • To receive final permission to enter South Africa, show your passport to the immigration official.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How Much Is South African E-visa In Nigeria?

A: The South Africa E visa fee is $87 (N69,834.90), and a service charge of about N13,000 at the VFS center. After payment, the visa fee is non-refundable. 

Q2: Can a Nigerian Travel to South Africa Without Visa

A: No. Nigerians should obtain a visa from a South African embassy or consulate in their country. Although it is usually expensive and time-consuming. 

Q3: How long does the South Africa E Visa take in Nigeria? 

A: The e-visa application process lasts between 3 to 5 business days. 

Q4: How much is Nigeria E Visa from South Africa

A: The Nigeria E Visa fee costs $150 (N120,405.00), including the visa fee and biometric fee). 

Q5: How Long does the South Africa E Visa last?

The E visa lasts for 90 days. You have 90 days or less to visit South Africa before it expires. 

Final Words on South Africa E visa for Nigeria 

The trip to South Africa will no longer be time-consuming and frustrating because of the introduction of the electronic visa. Now, every Nigerian and a few other countries who wish to travel to the country can easily apply for e visa at their convenience. 

Thankfully, we have discussed everything about the South Africa E visa for Nigeria, starting from how to apply, the eligible requirements, the necessary documents, and many more. 

Do not bother anymore; using e visa for your trip is better as it grants fast access and curbs possible insecurity. 

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